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I. Analytics

This website makes use of cookies, web beacons, and similar technologies from Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Quora and Google to collect or receive information from this website and elsewhere on the internet, and uses that information to provide measurement services and target ads.

Or, in plain English:

I use a Facebook PixelTwitter Pixel, Reddit Pixel, Quora Pixel, and Google Analytics on my website, which allows Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Quora and Google to know who’s taking key actions on my website. This helps me to target my advertising efforts toward people who’ve expressed an interest in my writing, as well as to target new readers who might also be interested.

This does NOT give me access to your personal information.

If you’re uncomfortable with this, you can opt out of some or all of the above mentioned advertising methods by following these instructions:

  • To opt out of Facebook and Google tracking, go to, select “Facebook Inc.” and/or “Google Inc.” from “Companies Customizing Ads For Your Browser” and click on “Submit your choices.”
  • To opt out of Quora tracking, go to
  • To opt out of Reddit tracking, go to
  • To opt out of Twitter tracking, you can do one of three things:

    1. Using your Twitter settings, visit the Personalization and data settings and adjust the setting Personalize ads.
    2. If you’re on the web, you can visit the Digital Advertising Alliance’s consumer choice tool at to opt out of seeing interest-based advertising from Twitter in your current browser.
    3. On your mobile device, enable the Limit Ad Tracking setting in your iOS phone’s settings, or the setting to Opt out of Ads Personalization in your Android phone’s settings.

II. Subscribing to the Jeff Coleman Mailing List

By subscribing to my mailing list, you agree to receive a bi-weekly email including (but not limited to) information about what I’m working on and when I’m going to publish my next book.

You also agree to allow me to use your email address for the purpose of targeting ads. I ONLY target ads in order to promote my own writing and will NEVER share your email address with other marketers.

If you wish to subscribe to my mailing list without being part of a targeted advertising campaign, you can send an email to jeff at jeffcolemanwrites dot com after subscribing and ask to be excluded.

You can easily unsubscribe from my list at any time through a link provided at the bottom of each email, or by clicking here.

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