“Inkbound” is Released Today!

Inkbound Cover Art

Today, Inkbound is officially released!

This short novelette is the precursor to at least three planned full-length novels in a series, so if you find yourself falling in love with Giles, don’t worry. You’ll be getting a lot more of his character in the months and years that follow.

You can buy an e-book, paperback, or hardcover from any one of the following retailers:

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If you’re located in the US and want a signed paperback or hardcover at a discount, you can instead order through my store by clicking or tapping the “Buy Now” button.

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I already list Inkbound at a cheaper price than what you’ll find through other retailers, and you can still get the 10% discount I offered in my previous email. All you have to do is enter the discount code INKBOUND_SAVINGS during checkout. There’s a limit of 1 discounted copy per customer, and you must be located in the United States to order. The 10% discount is good through June 31, 2019.

If this is your first time hearing about the book, here’s the back of the book blurb.

Giles has always felt different, like he’s never truly belonged, and it isn’t until he meets others of his kind that he discovers his true nature. As an Earthbound, he’s both human and Immortal, born to protect the world from an ancient race of beings with the collective power to destroy the universe.

He embraces his mission and devotes his life to imprisoning every malevolent creature he encounters. But when a routine binding goes awry and his target escapes, Giles, who has never been outside California, must travel halfway across the world to the Philippines, where the runaway phantom has taken up residence.

Shaken by his mistake and afraid of failing again, he must venture far beyond his comfort zone to confront the evil creature once and for all. But this time it knows Giles is coming, and it will do anything in its power to stop him…

Inkbound is a spellbinding novelette about magic, the supernatural, and the darkness that dwells inside each one of us.

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Thank you so much guys for all the support! Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the book 🙂

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The Feeding


This post was originally published through Patreon on June 6, 2018.

It looms overhead, a poisonous shadow baring pointed teeth in the dark. It has no name, no consciousness, no desire except to feed, to feast on humanity’s hatred so it can spread like a tumor—consuming hearts, minds, souls—until nothing but its own fetid stink remains.

Like a prism, it splits humanity into factions, pitting one side against the other, heightening fear and suspicion, stoking anger, jealousy, and resentment, until, in the name of righteousness, they face each other with guns and knives; until in the name of love, they close in for the kill.

Now, the world has assembled for war. Meanwhile, it hovers over all, mad with mindless, ravenous hunger.

There is a shout.

A cry.

The first shot is fired.

It opens its maw and feeds.

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On the Threshold


This post was originally published through Patreon on June 13, 2018.

Jeremy stood beneath a torrent of rain, surrounded by the dark. He carried no umbrella, nor did he care that the rain had already soaked into his jacket, his pants, and his hair. Thick, fat drops pounded the street like thundering world-sized drums, but he just continued to stand there, open to the elements, staring at the glowing doorway before him and pondering what might lie beyond.

Despite the glow, the porch light was somehow gray, dim, while the world around it was too vibrant, too bright. This was why he’d come, why he stood before the doorway now without a care for the poor weather. Because for years, he’d known he didn’t belong; for years, he’d believed the world to be an illusion.

How had he come to this conclusion? It had been little things at first, things he didn’t notice all at once: buildings that were too tall, people who were too loud, stars that were too bright. Strange details that snagged his attention, encouraging him to examine the world more closely.

And when he did, it all fell apart. Nothing had changed, yet everything was wrong. Parks populated by thick, bulbous trees with tangled, snarling roots, and trunks that sprouted fuzzy leaves like hair. Broad palisades at the center of the city supported by towering marble columns. Vivid crystalline lakes and ponds that sparkled artificially beneath a too-bright sun. It was as if an amateur artist had loaded the world into Photoshop and cranked up the contrast. Everything was too large, too bright, every line and dimension exaggerated like a comic or a cartoon.

He used to hear depressed people say that the world felt too gray, too fake. But until the day his eyes were opened, he’d never thought the world could feel too real.

He had no concrete memory of how the world should be. He only knew that this was not his true home, that somehow, he had to find his way back to where he belonged.

And now, this doorway. It felt ordinary in all the ways the rest of his surroundings did not. Not too large, not too small; not too flashy, not too bright. Ordinary. It called to him, begged him to plumb its hidden secrets. Now that he was ready to open the door—now that he was ready to walk through it and beyond—he wondered what might exist on the other side.

A way back to where I belong. A way home.

Only he’d already been standing here for more than an hour, and still he had yet to open the door. Why? He was certain the answer to his questions lay beyond its narrow borders. Perhaps he was afraid. Afraid something was wrong in his head, that all his strange observations were nothing more than the final desperate cries of a failing mind. After all, it did sound crazy when he thought about it, this world that felt so different from how it was supposed to be even though he couldn’t remember how it was different or why. And what if he wasn’t crazy? What if he opened the door and stepped into someplace new? Would he know how to live in such a place, or would he be even more lost than he felt right now?

Jeremy shook his head. He had to go. He had to know the truth. He stepped forward, feet squelching in his rubber shoes, and placed his hand on the cool brass knob. This was it. He was going to open the door, was going to find out if he was crazy. All he had to do was turn the knob.

There was a brief pause, a moment suspended on the precipice of a life-altering decision. Then Jeremy turned away, too afraid to go further.

Tomorrow. I can do this tomorrow.

But he knew as soon as he turned back that this was a lie.

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