Not of This World

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Below a drab and dreary office, in a park, there stands a tree. A sprawling oak, gnarled and ancient, she lies in wait for one who is lost. She is patient and she is persistent, for she knows that someday, the one she searches for will hear her call and answer.

Above a verdant, sunlit park, in an office, there sits a woman. Driven and motivated, Diane excels at everything she does. But she is haunted and she is restless, for no matter how successful she becomes, she cannot find a place in the world where she belongs.

Now, after years of dissatisfaction, Diane hears the tree speak. At first she thinks it’s her imagination, but she discovers soon enough that other powers are at work. As Diane’s life is upended by a celestial mystery that threatens to undermine her very sense of self, one thing becomes clear: Diane is not of this world.

Not of This World, a new fantasy novella, coming December 5, 2020.

I’ll be posting links to where you can pre-preorder the book soon. Stay tuned 🙂

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