You Are a Universe

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Have you ever gazed at the stars, pondered a vastness you couldn’t begin to comprehend and asked yourself if you’re really that significant, if you’re anything more than a speck on a grain of sand in a sprawling desert?

If so, take heart. Though you may be small in stature, the world inside your soul is astronomical, a boundless cosmos pregnant with thoughts and dreams, experiences and beliefs, all of which cluster into more complex structures: the humanities, the sciences, an infinite expanse of human endeavors that’s as vast as any material universe.

At the beginning of life, like the beginning of our universe, your mind, though tiny, is a roiling mass seething with enormous quantities of potential energy. In just a few short years, it expands. It acquires language and experience. Synapses form, transforming your brain into a thinking feeling powerhouse. In the process, prototypical thoughts and beliefs collide. Some are annihilated; others emerge from the rubble.

As you age, these units of thought coalesce, condensing into more stable structures. Your experiences, your perceptions, all that you think and feel, everything that defines you and makes you who you are is drawn together. Then, pressurized in the forge of the imagination, it ignites. Books are written. Technologies emerge. Diseases are cured. Outward expressions of the soul burn like stars, saving the world from darkness.

At some point in your life, you’ll likely be pulled into another person by the intense gravitational force of love. There will be a collision, and like the Big Bang, a whole new cosmos will form, a world filled with shared dreams and common experiences. Couples will cluster into families, families into communities, communities into states and nations, worlds stacked upon worlds.

When faced with the enormity of the stars, you might be tempted to conclude that your existence is just so much flotsam adrift in a celestial sea. But though you may be small when compared with the length, width and height of the universe, if you instead measure yourself against a more existential dimension, you’ll discover a whole new universe, waiting to be explored.

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9 thoughts on “You Are a Universe”

  1. I love how you put things perspective. That we are in fact these tiny little beings in the grand scheme of things, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we are useless. We are precious and beautiful too. Also loved the Imagery!

    1. Thank you! Though I would go one step further and argue not just that we’re little with limited use, but that we’re just as big as the material universe that contains us, albeit in a different way.

  2. You express complexities in such a beautiful, straightforward manner. “Outward expressions of the soul burn like stars and save the world from darkness” โ€“ simply stunning.

      1. Absolutely! Even though nights are so much shorter in the summer, I always find myself stargazing much more this time of year, and it’s lovely to be reminded that though we are infinitesimal compared to the universe, all is not raging dark despair. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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