Friday Freewrite

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The mind is a rough unrefined oar1, full of gold, but in a useless form.

Freewriting is like dynamite. It blows the rigid unusable rock of the mind, blows it into tiny chunks and find sand that can be melted down, refined, worked into polished gold and silver and crystal.

Sometimes, to solve a difficult problem, to break through a writer’s block, to give expression to an inexpressible thought, all you need is a good old fashioned2 explosion and the patience to pick up the pieces.

Magic. Each of us has the power to change the course of the world. We can drive people to success or ruin; we can build or destroy relationships; we can literally change the face of the Earth; we can do all of these things with mere words.

There is power in words3. In words we find the expression of ideas, thoughts, laws, love, hate.

Through words, the will engages the world; through words, the will exerts its influence on the world, shapes and molds it with fine grained4 tools.


1. Should be ore.

2. Should be old-fashioned.

3. I believe this particular freewrite gave birth to the blog, A Real Magic Power That You Possess.

4. Should be fine-grained.

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