Redemption, Part 1 of 5

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Falling. Tumbling. Fire. Burning. Screaming.

The man woke with a start. There was still a residue of anxiety, the vague feeling that he was being pursued, but it was already slipping from his mind, and by the time he rolled over onto his side, it had left him completely.

When he opened his eyes, blackness rushed to fill the vacuum. He panicked. Had he gone blind? He groped for the edges of his mattress and instead made contact with some other smooth surface, soft and pliable, yet firm and unyielding. Where was he?

Memory tickled the periphery of his mind, but each time he reached for it, it would disappear like a mirage.

He scrambled to his feet and wheeled about, searching for something with which to orient himself. After a while he spotted it, a pinprick of light that pierced the darkness like a white-hot needle. Its distance was impossible to judge.

Was it real? He was afraid that if he turned away, that if he did so much as blink, it would disappear into the ether.

But the light stubbornly tugged at his eyes and refused to let go of his gaze. He paused for a moment, unsure, then chased after it.

Ahead, the light grew larger and brighter.

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5 thoughts on “Redemption, Part 1 of 5”

        1. As always, you drew my imagination in with each perfectly placed word….. I will be glued to your site next week… unpatiently, waiting for part two.. Are you sure we cant get a little peak at part two??? Ha! I’m eager to see where you take us. Excellent tease, my friend, excellent tease! Always a fan! Tammy

          1. Tammy, thank you! I’m excited to reveal this one over the next few weeks. Okay, I’ll give you one hint: the title for the upcoming blog will be “Redemption: Part 2 of 5” 😉

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