Hark, the Herald Angels Sing


No one knew how they came into the world, and no one cared. They were angels, or so they claimed, sent to Earth to watch over mankind—to root out evil and promote the common good. Raising their voices and their trumpets, they heralded the end of poverty, the end of violence, the end of suffering as we knew it. We embraced them as our saviors, those shimmering, golden guardians of the skies, and we forever after revered them as gods.

Radiant with their wide, gilded wings and their glittering otherworldly armor, how could we not fall prostrate and submit ourselves for judgement? We handed over our weapons. Of what use would they be to us now? We gave them the keys to our businesses and homes. What did we have to hide? We dismantled our countries, surrendered our sovereignty. Surely they were better suited to leadership than we?

They crowned one of their own, and in the days that followed—as the reign of mankind came to a swift and decisive end—we learned the single most important truth that has been taught in our schools and repeated in our homes ever since: that angels are superior to humans, that whatever they command of us, they do so for our own good.

The angels provide us with whatever we need, and in return, all they ask for is obedience in all things.

Hark, the herald angels sing: Glory to the newborn king!

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