Jeff Coleman

Jeff Coleman is a writer who finds himself drawn to the dark and the mysterious, and to all the extraordinary things that regularly hide in the shadow of ordinary life.

Rebirth of a Soul

Teo Tarras/


Why had I taken my own for granted? Suspended on the razor’s edge of my final breath, I paused to ponder the question. Then the animating force that bound me together shot into the sky and my body crumpled to the ground.

It ended too soon, I thought as I sailed across space and time.

It ended precisely when it was supposed to. The soundless reply rippled across the cosmos like a gravitational wave, blowing me away with the earth-shattering assertion of its existence. You fulfilled your purpose, and now it’s time to move on.

There was no doubting a voice like that. And so, approaching my new home beyond the stars, I embraced the unknown and prepared to be born once again.

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Nowhere Man


Floating in the space between the shadows, I look on from my endless purgatory and watch the world change from the outside. Like a projection, it moves in and out of focus. It feels close enough to touch, yet parts like mist whenever I reach for it.

I am everywhere, and nowhere. I traverse the farthest reaches of this nowhere land, and I wonder, am I truly alive, or am I, too, just a projection, the fever dream of some unseen, uncaring god? Even my thoughts are hazy, undefined, and prone to incoherence.

Every day, I drift a little further, disperse a little more completely, and every day, I grow one step closer to inexistence. Now, there is only one question left on my mind: How long can I go on before I’m unmade?

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