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Every now and then, I run a promotion to drum up support for my work on Patreon. It’s been a while, but this month, I’ve decided to give away free signed hardcover copies of my 2019 novella, Inkbound.

Ordinarily, through my online store, it would cost $11.99. But between today and October 18, I’m willing to send you a free signed hardcover copy.

Here’s the deal.

I’m not a well-known author, which means I don’t sell very many books. The only way to increase awareness of my work is through advertising, and advertising is expensive. Like, ridiculously expensive. To illustrate the point, book sales and existing Patreon pledges pull in between $200 and $300 per month. Meanwhile, I spend almost $2,000 per month on advertising and hosting, which means I lose at least $1,700 every month (right now, I’m spending more just to promote this campaign.) It’s impossible for me not to advertise; if I didn’t spend money to promote my posts, you probably wouldn’t see my weekly flash fiction in your feed.

I’m not complaining. My art is a labor of love and money isn’t my primary motivator. Nevertheless, it’s my dream to build a full-time business around it, with my mission being twofold: 1) To spend as much time as possible crafting stories, and 2) To get those stories into the hands of as many readers as possible.

To do that, I need your support, and in that spirit, I’d like to propose a deal:

If you pledge to my Patreon campaign at the $2 level or above, I’ll send you a free signed hardcover copy of Inkbound.

You can cancel at any time.

If you change your mind after receiving the book, you’re free to cancel your pledge, no questions asked. I believe most people are honest and won’t take advantage.

By pledging, you’re also entitled to other perks. For example, the $2 level gives you access to free copies of every e-book I’ve released, as well as every e-book I will release for as long as you’re a patron, and the $5 level not only allows you to decide which of my flash fiction pieces I should turn into a longer short story but also entitles you to a free signed hardcover copy of every print book I release. Whatever you can give, it will help me immensely on my journey toward becoming a full-time writer.

There are only three rules.

1. You have to have a shipping address in the United States to be eligible. I would love to include Canada as well as other parts of the world on this, but I’m sending these myself from a US address and international shipping costs are prohibitively expensive.

2. You must become a patron at or above the $2 level on or before Sunday, October 18, 11:59 PM Pacific Standard Time.

3. You must be a new patron. Unfortunately, former patrons aren’t eligible (But if you’re already a $5 or $10 patron, don’t worry! You guys automatically get signed hardcover copies of every new release.)

That’s it.

Once you become a patron, I’ll send you an email requesting your shipping address, then sign and ship you a copy as a gift (if you’d like me to personalize what I write, feel free to include those instructions as part of your reply.)

To become a patron and get your free signed hardcover copy of Inkbound, click the “Become a patron” button below.

Become a Patron!

Please note that Patreon pledges are recurring monthly charges. I post four paid pieces of flash fiction on the platform per month, which means a $2 pledge amounts to $8 per month. If that’s too much, you can make a $2 pledge, then set a lower monthly limit so you won’t go over your budget.

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Not of This World

Image licensed by Shutterstock.

Below a drab and dreary office, in a park, there stands a tree. A sprawling oak, gnarled and ancient, she lies in wait for one who is lost. She is patient and she is persistent, for she knows that someday, the one she searches for will hear her call and answer.

Above a verdant, sunlit park, in an office, there sits a woman. Driven and motivated, Diane excels at everything she does. But she is haunted and she is restless, for no matter how successful she becomes, she cannot find a place in the world where she belongs.

Now, after years of dissatisfaction, Diane hears the tree speak. At first she thinks it’s her imagination, but she discovers soon enough that other powers are at work. As Diane’s life is upended by a celestial mystery that threatens to undermine her very sense of self, one thing becomes clear: Diane is not of this world.

This week, I’m pausing the usual piece of flash fiction to announce that my next book, Not of This World, will be published in December of this year, just in time for Christmas! For the past few months, I’ve been working with my editors to get this novella ready for print, and it’s time for me to reveal its existence at last (my patrons and mailing list subscribers, of course, have already been hearing about it for a while.)

This week, most of my time has been spent laying out the book’s interior and getting ready to work with my new cover artist, Alejandro Comesaña, who will be bringing this story to life. He’s incredible, and I’ve been a fan boy of his for a long time (you can find some of his work here.) For a few years now, I’ve been watching his posts on social media, waiting for the right project to throw his way, and I’m so happy that he was willing to work with me on this.

The novella will be available in e-book, paperback, and hardcover formats, and as always, I’ll be offering free signed copies to my higher tier patrons, as well as hosting a couple giveaways through my mailing list the closer we get to the official launch date.

That’s it for now, but I’ll be sharing more details with you guys in the coming months.

P.S. Regular flash fiction posts will resume next week 😉

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