3 Ways Love is Like Magic

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1. Love is elemental.

Like Magic, Love is irreducible. Its existence transcends reason. It must be accepted without proof. Love is to the soul what Magic is to the physical universe, a fundamental force of the heart that breathes life into all of humanity.

2. Love transforms.

Like Magic, Love begets change. It has its genesis in the human heart, where it transforms the mind and the soul so that their chief concern becomes the health and welfare of others. Love blossoms, seeds and propagates, taking root like wildflowers, invoking a spiritual metamorphosis that shapes and restructures the whole of civilization.

3. Love is self-sustaining.

Like Magic, Love is an inexhaustible reservoir of energy. The more it’s used, the greater its abundance. Like the miracle of the fish and the loaves, it multiples and grows, so that none might go hungry.

Love is, in fact, a unique species of Magic.

If Magic is the force that binds the universe, then Love is the force that binds the heart. It is primordial; it is before space and time. It has always existed, and it will continue to exist after our passing.

Love is our progenitor, our sustainer and our destination. In it we will find the meaning and the fullness of our existence, if only we have the courage to heed its call.

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