Coming Soon…

As an aside, I realized after posting this video that I said the word “soon” a lot…

Video Flash Fiction #4: A Web of Ink and Paper

If you want to follow along with the text, you can find it here.

Video Flash Fiction #1: An Immortal in Exile

A few weeks ago, I started posting videos on Facebook of me narrating my flash fiction. It was an experiment, and people seemed to like it, so I’ve decided to make it a weekly feature. For now, all I have is my webcam and my laptop’s internal microphone, so neither the video nor the audio are very good. However, when I go back home to the States toward the end of November, I’ll have access to a boom mic and a much nicer camera, so stay tuned!

I’m posting my first video here on the blog as an introduction, but if you want to watch #2 and #3, you can find them on my YouTube channel. Please subscribe if you like them 🙂

From this point forward, I’ll be posting here weekly as well as on Facebook.